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Topics covered in the course :

Hygiene And Safety

This module will entail all details and aspects of Kitchen safety and hygiene to avoid food contamination keeping in mind basic fundamentals of kitchen safety. This will involve learning the cleanliness and upkeep of premises, personal hygiene, food hygiene and important rudiments of kitchen safety.

Knife Skills, Stock, Soups And Sauces

While stock is the ultimate element to add rich flavour to the food product, sauces are a decadent derivative of stocks. This module will ensure that students learn and refine the basic techniques of using all types of knives, preparing stocks/soups/sauces for enhancing the flavours in their food preparations thereon.

International Cuisines:

Palate Culinary Academy’s International Level 2 award in Culinary skills is a 2018 module. This program will ensure that students receive hands-on experience in cooking a plethora of various cuisines from the scratch in a number of practical sessions. Additionally, the students also learn plating global food dishes of international cuisines such as Asian, Mediterranean, French, Italian, Lebanese, Moroccan and Mexican in an authentic manner while upgrading as per market trends.

Basic To Progressive Indian

This module largely focuses on understanding the Indian palate through the unique variety of ingredients it incorporates such as spices, dry masalas and pastes to make gravies, compound dishes, rice preparations and progressive Indian dishes prepared by infusing multiple cuisines with Indian food elements.

Carving Exotic Vegetables

Understanding exotic vegetables and their usage is an extremely important aspect while practicing Culinary Arts.  Exploring the craft of carving vegetables and mastering this process will take center stage and provide an upper hand for students exploring vegetarian curriculum in particular.

Basics of Bakery :

Baked delights are a quintessential part of any meal. This module ensures that the students grasp a variety of baking techniques while mastering it. Be it kneading the perfect dough for fresh breads or the ability to produce artistic, high-quality pastries, cakes and fresh crust for pies, our well-trained and experienced panel of Chefs have got you covered!

Cheese And Wine / Bar Tending:

This module will ensure that the students gain expertise on differentiation of world cheese and varieties of global wine alongside the study of their amalgamation in an exclusive wine and cheese session. This will further help the students understand the concept of infusing different varieties of wine with appropriate cuisines globally. Optionally, Palate Culinary Academy also provides an exclusive Bar Tending class. This class will be hands-on learning experience for the students as they learn a wide variety of Cocktails and Mocktails.

Internships and Externships

At Palate Culinary Academy, we believe that precision comes with practice and consistency. Hence,  after the students successfully complete the course, we offer them internships at the academy to train them under various events, shoots and other activities under the curation, production, research and development team. After fine-tuning their skills, Team Palate helps them pursue their passion in their dream hotels and restaurants.

Consultation & Entrepreneurship

In this module, the students will be learning what goes into establishing their own company in the culinary field. This will be a guide for all the future entrepreneurs to start their own business, be it home-based or commercial. Chef Rakhee gives personal consultation after the program to each and every student in order to make sure their forte is aligned with their dreams. Thereon, Chef-preneurs are born.

Celebrity Chef Class

To pump up the spirits of our aspiring  Chef-preneurs, we escalate the beauty of the course by inviting prominent celebrity chefs from the industry. These chefs further demonstrate their forte in a fun and interactive manner with their explicit dishes.

Exposure towards Food styling and photography

This module will help the students garner an understanding of Food styling and food photography in an attempt to reinstate the course structure as a 2018 module. The students will understand recipe approach while shooting food products while creating mood boards to ensure that the food product is narrating a story in itself. The students will constantly be a part of research and development that happens at Palate Culinary Academy for the recipe curation for various digital content, shoots and events.


The fees for the 1.5 Months International Vegetarian Level-2 Award program in Culinary Skills in INR 2,36,000 (Inclusive of GST)

Items that are included in the fees are:

  • Tool Kit ( Different kinds of Knives along with Sharpening Tool)
  • Uniform set ( Chef’s Coat, Half Apron and Skull Cap)
  • Course Files

Excluded items:

  • Meals (plenty of eateries and restaurants are available close to the school to cater to your meal requirements)
  • Accommodation (we may provide recommendations)
  • Nominal Examination Fees for final UK Certification

Batch strength – 10 Students (Maximum)

Limited seats available – Book yours now