Palate Culinary International Level 2 Award Certificate Course

Hygiene and Safety

Learning the cleanliness and upkeep of premises, personal hygiene, food hygiene and important fundamentals of kitchen safety.

Knife Skills, Soups and Sauces

Learn and reftheine basic techniques of using all types of knives, preparing stocks/soups/sauces for enhancing the flavors in your food preparations thereon.

Basic to Progressive Indian

Understanding the Indian palate through its deluxe ingredients such as spices and masalas to make gravies, rice preparations and modern Indian fusion dishes.

Meats & Butchery

Explore the craft of artisan butchery, master the procedures of meat cutting and cleaning as well as poultry which takes the center stage in culinary arts.

International Cuisines

Receive hands-on experience in cooking from scratch to authentically plating global food dishes of international cuisines such as Asian, Mediterranean, French, Italian, Lebanese, Moroccan and Mexican


Grasp the techniques to knead the perfect dough for fresh breads and be guided by the chef to produce artistic, high-quality pastries, cakes, macaroons and fresh crust for pies.

Wine & Cheese / Bartending Workshop

Expertise on differentiation of world cheese and varieties of global wine alongside the study of their amalgamation through tasting

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