Petit Fours

This course covers Petits Fours Frais, Petits Fours Sec and Petits Fours Glace

Cookies - Baked, Unbaked, Double Baked

This course covers baking cookies including Marble, Biscotti among others.

Savoury Pastry

This course covers baking savory pastries from around the world including Quiche, Spanakopita and Beignets

Hot & Cold Plated Desserts

This course covers delectable desserts such as mousses, pies, cheese cakes, baklava and more

Hot Puddings

This course covers puddings including sticky toffee pudding, bread and butter pudding.

French Pastries

This course covers French pastries such as crème brulee, savarin, Tarte Tatin

English High Tea

This course covers an English high team ensemble including tea time favorites such as Scones, Macaroons, and Churros.

Cakes and Muffins

This course covers baking a variety of cakes such as flourless cakes, upside down cakes, red velvet cake and multiple varieties of muffins

Breads / Artesian Breads

This course covers baking multiple varieties of bread including sour dough, baguettes and artesian breads

French Vienosserie

This course covers the delicate art of the perfect French Vienosseries such as croissants, brioche, franzbrotchen and puff pastry.


This course covers the delightful art of chocolate making including moulded chocolates, truffles and soft centers

Sugar Work

This course covers the intricate art of working with sugar with techniques such as gum paste flowers, pastillage and garnishes

Food Safety

This course covers all aspects of food safety including HACCP food safety plans and food & personal Hygiene

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